This section of our site serves to address common questions.  It explains our approach to solving your project challenges and outlines our services. 

What is your firm’s driving philosophy?

Our firm’s driving philosophy is our interactive, client-centered approach. We listen to our clients, and involve them in all phases of a project. We communicate clearly, giving them full personal and professional attention to ensure that we address goals and expectations, service and budgetary requirements, and timelines.


What services do you perform?

Our portfolio of services includes (but is not restricted to) the following segments:

  • Businesses, including:
    • Interiors
    • Signage design
    • Site layout & approval
    • Client representation to municipalities
    • Contract administration
  • Homes, including:
    • Interiors
      • Furniture and cabinetry
      • Finishes and colors
      • Trim
      • Lighting & Plumbing fixtures
      • Kitchens & Bathrooms
    • Site layout and approval
    • Contract administration
  • Retail
    • Single stores
    • Specialty stores
    • Restaurants
    • Theatres
    • Community centers
    • Recreational facilities


How do you structure and charge your fees?

Our fee comprises two components: hourly for schematics and zoning studies, and fixed for the balance of our work.  The fixed fee will vary, depending on the nature, scope and complexity of work.


What do you specialize in - traditional or modern design?

When it comes to design, we do both traditional and modern designs.  We consider each project in its entirety, developing ideas from a “clean slate” point of view.  The end result is that our designs, whether traditional or modern, are appreciated by our clients because they are functional, elegant, and timeless.


Do you also consult on an hourly stand-alone basis?

Yes, we do. We work on an hourly basis on several types of assignments. We help solve problems created by others, such as technical corrections to design and construction errors. We also do prior-to-purchase design consultations of homes and commercial facilities, scouting of land purchases, property and permit searches, space planning, etc.


What are some of the common mistakes people make while hiring an architect?

Common mistakes include hiring a person who is not an architect, who lacks a license, education, training, or the experience to practice architecture, with inadequately trained staff, a problem-prone track record, or someone who is a total mismatch for the project, lacking specific skills or experience.


Before hiring an architect, what factors should I keep in mind?

Before hiring an architect, it makes sense to interview at least two or three architects. Find out if they have done the type of project you want done for yourself.  If you can, visit the project done by the architect or firm, and if that’s not feasible, at least take a look at the drawings they’ve produced. Also, speak to recent references - clients and contractors.